Missouri Welfare Recipients Could Be Disqualified

missouri governer mike parson

NORML weighs in –

As you will see from this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article from Thursday, November 29, 2018, there is a question about whether those who use marijuana as medicine, legally under Amendment 2, will be disqualified from receiving certain state benefits and for certain state jobs.

Missouri NORML strongly believes that no such disqualification should happen.

We urge you to contact Governor Parson’s office right away at 573-751-3222 and/or by email by going to governor.mo.gov and politely, but firmly, urging Governor Parson not to treat those who use marijuana as medicine legally under Amendment 2 any differently from people who use other pharmaceutical medications.

Conventional medicines, including narcotic opioid painkillers, are often far more dangerous and potentially addictive and deadly than cannabis. There is no rational reason for treating medical marijuana patients differently.

We are also working with state legislators to try to provide protection against discrimination in private employment under Amendment 2.

Our Second Amendment rights are also under attack when medical marijuana patients are forbidden under federal law to possess, purchase and use firearms, just as people who use other medicines are allowed to do.  Read More -…… 

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