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Missouri medical Marijuana timeline –

Medical Marijuana really has an extended timeline of activity before a patient will actually be able to purchase medecine at a dispensary. Late 1919or early 2020 from estimations Ive read in many articles. There are a lot of things that have to happen. First, our government here in Missouri needs to issue permits for growers, manufacturers, dispensaries etc.   Here is a quick timeline of what to expect in the future of Missouri medical marijuana.

Here’s what to expect

Great time line from – Health web

▪ By June the Missouri health department must create a marijuana card application form that patients can bring to their doctors. It’s unclear right now whether the forms will require the doctors to explicitly recommend marijuana or just confirm the patients have a medical condition that qualifies them for marijuana. The constitutional amendment lists nine specific conditions, including cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma, but also says doctors and patients could petition the department for others.

▪ Also by June the state must provide application forms for people who want to grow medical marijuana, infuse it into oils and edible products or sell it in any form, whether raw plant, edible or otherwise. The constitutional amendment allows patients to grow up to six plants at home, but they will need a license for that, in addition to their marijuana card.

▪ By July the state must start accepting and evaluating medical marijuana card applications from patients. State health officials will have 30 days to determine if they qualify.

▪ By August the state must start accepting and evaluating cultivation, infusion and dispensary licenses. State officials will have 150 days to determine who qualifies.

The state will also have to write rules about how much people with marijuana cards can buy and possess at one time, although Amendment 2 provides some minimum limits.

As the state is writing its regulations, local governments may be writing their own. Amendment 2 doesn’t allow cities and counties to ban dispensaries within their borders, but it does allow them to limit things like where they’re located and what hours they’re open.

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