Opening a Medical Dispensary in Missouri

Opening a Medical Dispensary in Missouri

A Medical Marijuana Dispensary License will be required to acquire, store, sell, transport, and deliver marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and drug paraphernalia used to administer marijuana as provided for in this section to a qualifying patient, a primary caregiver, another Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility, a Medical Marijuana Testing Facility, or a Medical Marijuana-Infused Products in Manufacturing Facility.

The Department of Health (Department) is to determine a limit for the number of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility licenses granted, so long as there are at least 24 Dispensary licenses for each United States Congressional district in the state of Missouri.

An entity may apply to the Department for and obtain one (1) or more licenses to operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility. Each facility requires a separate license. No more than five (5) Dispensary licenses shall be issued to any entity under substantially common control, ownership, or management.

A Dispensary License will be valid for 3 years after its issuance date and shall be renewable, except for good cause. There will be a non-refundable application fee of $6,000 and an annual license fee of $10,000.

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